M.P.P. Bodyguards are always looking for qualified guards to work with our clients. If you review our web pages you will
see that we look for people that have a variety of skills, training and experiences.  We look for diversity in our guards: race,
religion, ethnic background  or sex  are not barriers


There are a few basics that we need: 


  • A guard must be over 18 years of age
  • A guard must have or be applying for a California Guard Card.
  • To be eligible to apply for a security guard license the applicant must be 18 years of age or older, undergo
    a criminal history background check through the Department of Justice, complete the powers to arrest training
    course and pass a written examination. A fingerprint card is also required at the time of application.
  • A guard must be in good physical health.
  • A guard must be fluent in English and able to prepare clear and legible written reports.
  • A guard must present a clean appearance.
  • A guard must also have a positive attitude.

We seek experience and maturity as well as diverse skills and educational backgrounds. Examples:


  • Licensed Private Investigator / State / Status of License
  • Current California Guard Card #
  • Prior Guard Training and Experience
  • Military : What branch, When, Honorable Discharge, Training
  • Police : Were you a police officer? Department  Duties Rank Specialized training
  • Executive Protection / Security
  • Medical / First Aid / CPR / Fire fighter / Search and Rescue
  • Weapons Handling
  • Computer or Electronics Training
  • Martial Arts Training (Belts)
  • Passport
  • Chauffeur / Class A Drivers License/ State
  • Pilots License, status
  • Formal Education: High School, College/ University, Trade School
  • Fluency in Different Languages:  Languages and level of skill


If interested please call us at (714) 963-6666.  It would help if you prepare a resume including the above and any
additional relevant information.  Naturally we are interested in your availability and if you have a means to get to job
sites for assignments.



Last Name:
Fist Name:
E-Mail Address:
Date of Birth:
Eye color:
Hair color:

Have you previously completed course of instruction in Executive Protection?   


Section II: Do you have any experience in the following:

Military (What Branch? When?)

Do you have a honorable discharge:

Police (Where were you a police officer? What were your duties)

Executive Protection / Security

Medical / first Aid / Fire Fighter / Rescue

Weapons Handling

Computer or Electronics Training

Martial Arts Training (Belts)

Are you licensed as a private investigator:


Do you have a passport:

What weapons do you own?

Are you licensed to carry a gun?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony:

Are you computer literate:

Are you a pilot:

Have you worked as a chauffeur:

What languages do you speak:

Section III: Condensed Personality Profile

Are you in good health?
Can you maintain a car?

Are you street wise?

Do you have good communication skills?

Are you ambitious?

Are your feelings hurt easily?

How much money would you like to make?

Would you ask a movie star for an autograph?

If necessary, can you take control of a situation?

Do you keep your word?

Would you lie?

Would you lie to protect your client?

Can you keep opinions to yourself?

Section IV: Education Profile:

High School?



Trade School?



College or University?






Section V: Availability Profile:

When can you start to work?    
Amount of notice required?     

Type of work you are doing now?

Do you own a car? 
Year and Make:

Would you use it for a client? 

How much notice is require before you report to work on a long term assignment?

Do you understand how serious and dangerous working as an EPS may be?

Do you understand that if you fail to complete any employment contracts you may be subject to large penalties as well as loss of your association with IBN?

Section VI: Additional Information:

What special skills do you have?

List any information that might be of assistance to us. (qualifications, awards, special interest, etc.)

Personal Statement

It may take up to couple of minutes for this form to be transmitted.  
Once you see a confirmation page, your application has been already submitted.  
There is no need to submit twice.




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