MPP Body Guard Security, is always available to assist corporations, businesses and governments with such issues as Foreign Country Emergency Evacuations of executives, employees, government officials and their families, or to travel with or protect individuals, groups or valuables.

Our Specialists are highly skilled and trained in Emergency Evacuation and are available for rapid deployment to almost any foreign country or location for emergency evacuations due to civil unrest, political problems, crime,  or other hostile or unstable environments or threat of war.

To aid our team of evacuation specialists, we have a group of highly trained intelligence analysts to implement our services by providing timely, important information to make our missions as secure, safe, efficient and successful as possible.

We use our highly trained specialists to provide emergency evacuations almost anywhere by air, land or water, in the US or overseas.

As professional security and risk managers, we are also able to assist with intelligence gathering, planning, personal protection, travel advisories, and security advance assessments before placing executives, employees, government officials or family members into a country that may be, or have the potential to be, unstable or unsafe.

Trust your security needs, whatever they might be, to the skilled team or MPP Body Guard Security







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