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Essential Asset Protection

Within the energy sector, our clientele at MP Patrol Security Services, Inc. spans nuclear energy stations, power distribution entities, wind and hydroelectric facilities, and oil & gas corporations. These entities are inherently high-risk and necessitate sophisticated security measures to counteract potential threats, intrusions, or intentional damages to their vital installations.

Upon detection of any unauthorized activity or sabotage, our systems promptly identify and validate the threat, enabling immediate response. Owing to the broad and comprehensive infrastructure of MP Patrol Security Services, Inc., we are poised to swiftly address emerging security demands.

To ensure constant vigilance over susceptible zones within these infrastructures, we deploy security cameras. This surveillance is further buttressed by on-ground guards, who may be accompanied by dogs. These measures not only monitor but also deter potential threats by preemptively identifying any signs of intrusion or willful damage.

For instance, at a power transition facility in France, our primary obligation is to guarantee uninterrupted electricity delivery to its consumers.

Security Objectives:

From the outset of their infrastructure development, the client underlined the paramount importance of safeguarding their capital, which translates to maintaining the structural soundness of their facilities.

Through a holistic security approach, MP Patrol Security Services, Inc. fortified the entire perimeter of the facility, safeguarding the 450 dedicated professionals stationed there.

MP Patrol Security Services, Inc.

Established in 1989, M.P.P. Security and Bodyguards have been guarding the Orange County, CA, and Beverly Hills, CA community with truth, honesty, integrity, and the American way. M.P.P Security and Bodyguards is a private fully licensed unarmed security company. 80% of M.P.P personal are men and women who protected this great nation in the United States Military. Our qualified security officers are professional, dependable, honest, and have amazing customer service.

Arthur, a retired United States Air Force police office with top security clearance has been involved in licensed security since 1982. He formed an honest security company dedicated to being superior in guarding the client’s assets located in Orange County, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Arthur with his business partner, Dominic, continues to strive in maintaining an excited security company to suit the client’s needs.

At M.P.P Security and Bodyguards, we truly care about the integrity and the protection of you and what you hold dear. We complete an assessment of your needs and our security management to compile a unique experience to serve you for many years and make you proud that your protection is in our capable and caring licensed security hands.

Our Clients

We are always on guard for your family and businesses.

MPP Bodyguards and security is always available to assist corporations, businesses, and governments with such issues in protection of individuals, groups, or valuables. We go out of our way to ensure the best possible safety and security of our clients. All guards are well trained, great physical condition, excellent report writing, keen English communication, detail oriented. We specialize in unarmed guards for 8 to 24-hour daily surveillance in the Orange County, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Our full licensed guards stand ready to implement their duties in a timely, and alert fashion to make your area secure, safe, efficient, and successful as possible. It is a dangerous world out there. Some of the best-kept trade secrets could be leaked. According to HIPPA, you need to ensure no one gets your patient’s information. With our protection, you can rest assured that we will stand guard over yours and your client’s information, safety, and assets. Let us stand guard, so you do not have to!

We offer the following services for our customers:

  • Construction site security services
  • Movie Set or Faculties parking lot services
  • Office Building and suites security services
  • Fast Food Restaurant security services
  • Industrial security services
  • Casino parking lot security services
  • Hospital parking lot security services
  • Car dealership security services
  • Parking garage security services
  • Retail Facilities security services