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MPP.COM AKA MPS Security & Bodyguards

Enhancing Security in Orange County with MPP Security & Bodyguards


In a world where safety and security are paramount, MPP Security & Bodyguards stands as a beacon of trust. Since its establishment in 1988, this distinguished security service provider has been safeguarding communities in Las Vegas. Now, with a dedicated California company, MPP Security & Bodyguards is extending its expertise to Orange County. Learn how MPP Security & Bodyguards can fortify your surroundings and ensure peace of mind.

Trusted Legacy:

For over three decades, MPP Security & Bodyguards has been a trusted partner in securing Beverly Hills communities. With a proven track record in elite security services, MPP has established itself as a reliable name in the industry.

Orange County Extension:

Expanding its reach beyond California, MPP Security & Bodyguards has now set its sights on Orange County, California. Operating through its California company, MPP Security & Bodyguards is prepared to deliver top-notch security solutions to the residents and businesses of Orange County.

Comprehensive Services:

MPP Security & Bodyguards offers a comprehensive array of security services tailored to various industries. From construction sites to parking garages and office spaces, their expertise covers a wide spectrum of security needs.

Unmatched Features:

MPP Security & Bodyguards goes above and beyond to provide unmatched security solutions.

Tailored Solutions:

MPP Security & Bodyguards recognizes that each client's needs are unique. Request a quote to receive personalized solutions designed to address your specific security concerns.

Professionalism and Expertise:

With years of experience and a dedicated team, MPP Security & Bodyguards excels in delivering exceptional security services.



MPP Security & Bodyguards' legacy of trust and excellence continues to shine as it expands to Orange County, California. With a rich portfolio of comprehensive security solutions and a team of dedicated professionals, MPP Security & Bodyguards is your partner in creating safe and secure environments. Request a quote today and experience the MPP difference in Orange County. Your safety is their priority.